Berkshire Biscotti
Welcome to Berkshire Biscotti, bringing you the finest Italian biscotti from Pittsfield, MA.

Hundreds of years ago, Italian seafaring men discovered that twice baking allowed their baked goods to last longer at sea. From the crunchy, hard texture of biscotti arose the desire to dunk them in cappuccino or Vin Santo.

Berkshire Biscotti are twice baked in the Italian tradition known and loved by devout dunkers everywhere.

Buon Appetito!

Berkshire Biscotti is a specialty bakery with a focus on producing fine Italian style
biscotti cookies. Using traditional Italian biscotti recipes and methods, we are able to
provide you with a quality product that is becoming harder to find in the highly
automated industries of today. Our crispy biscotti are produced naturally, by bakers
who are passionate about our trade, and we all agree, there's nothing else that we'd
rather be doing.
We offer a variety of biscotti that come either individually packaged or in bulk.

Where you can find Berkshire Biscotti in the Western Mass area:

Guido's in Pittsfield, Marketplace at Guido's in Gt Barr, Elm St. Market in Stockbridge, Berkshire Mtn Bakery Pizza Cafe, Stockbridge Coffee & Tea, Wheeler's Market, Wild Oats Co-Op, River Valley Co-Op, Juice 'N Java, Elm St. Java House, Lenox Coffee Shop, Brew Ha Ha, Gorham & Norton, C.H. Baldwin & Sons, Nejaime's Wine Cellars, Spirited Wines, Shaker Dam Coffeehouse, Country Store @ Jiminy Peak, Main Street Café- Stockbridge, Bucky’s Bagel & Pizza, Silk’s Variety, O’Brien’s Market, Williamsburg Market, Cornwell Country Store, Corners Grocers & Café, Berkshire General Store, LaBonne’s Epicure, Kripalu Shop, Berkshire Medical Center, Fairview Hospital, North Adams Regional Hospital, Jiminy Peak JJ’s Lodge, Hillcrest Hospital, Hilltop Orchards, Chatham Co-op, Samel’s @ Medical Arts Building, Clark Art Museum, Austin Riggs, Riverbend Cafe, The Berry Farm, Freund's Farm Market, Egremont Market, LLC, Samascott Orchards.

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